Oregon Hard Chargers Motorcycle Club News:

Minor changes
I have made some minor changes to the site, first off the main page has changed a bit. I added "What is a Hard Charger" to the main page. Also I added the Biker's Prayer to the pictures page and I removed the quick links for the pictures web pages.

I know there hasn't been many changes to the site over the last year but we just uploaded some new pictures from the Hard Chargers National Convention. Check it out! It's also in a cool slide show format, click on a picture to see it separately.

New Website design
I changed the layout of the website based on popular opinions to omit the left frame with the news feed and instead set it up as a direct link on the main buttons list.

Updated the officers page, newly designed to look more elegant.The 2011 DOC Rally for the ABC House is coming up and we will have all the info posted as of January 1st 2011 12:01am PST. We also have an official events calendar, available through the link at the top of the page.

BBQ Pics
I just posted new pics from the 4th of July BBQ. Check them out on the picss page.

I added 3 new websites on the links page. They link directly to the Oregon events part of their page so you don't have to go page hunting to find the info.

New Pics!
Just added the new pics from the Rose City 250 Poker run for this year. Check them out on the pics page. I also revamped the pictures page so they are broken down by year now.

upcoming rides
There are several rides that are coming up since we're finally getting into the better weather season. Get all the info on the events/rides page.

2010 Season!
The officers page has been revamped. Now we have 4 officers. Added to the roster most recently is our new Sergeant At Arms Sarge. All officers have their own emails now too. There is an upcoming ride, The Rose City 250, go to the events page for details.

Two new officers have been added to the roster, Dog Man is our new Vice President and Gypsy Moon is our Road Captain. Their info has been added to the Officers page.

We just added new pictures from this years Covered Bridge Ride as well as from the Timberline Lodge Run! Check it out on the pics page!

The Annual Covered Bridge Run is just around the corner, for all the details check out the events/rides section of the website.

The website has been slightly redesigned with the updated news in a frame on the left of your browser while you can enjoy the rest of the site on the right side. Enjoy.

New Blog
This is to test a new framing of the website to include the blog on the left hand side instead